Welcome to the IB Chemistry Human Biochemistry Wiki

This wiki is for the old syllabus for last exams in May 2008

You are going to use this space to create your own body of knowledge as a class for the Human Biochemistry option. The aim of the wiki is for you to learn about the chemistry of important molecules in the human body needed for good health. Although the structures of complex biological molecules will be used you are not expected to memorize them. You will however need to recognize functional groups and the types of bonding within molecules.


SL students need to make a minimum of two contributions to each of the sections C.1 to C.6
HL students need to make a minimum of two contributions to each of the sections C.1 to C.9
These contributions should comprise of about 50% adding new information and 50% editing the contributions of others.
SL students should make approximately 15 hours of contributions and HL students 23 hours.


1. All sources of information from print text need to be acknowledged.
2. For web based sources (photos, text etc) a link to it needs to be made.
3. Contributions should be an concise and directly relate to the verb used in the assessment statement.
4. Diagrams, images, equations, video should be used as much as possible.
5. Information should be presented clearly and concisely under each assessment statement and have very few errors in grammar, sentence construction, spelling, capitalization and punctuation.
6. Don't change or delete any of the pages or assessment statements.
7. As with all wiki's the accuracy of your contributions will be reviewed and edited where necessary by an expert.


Click4biology is an IB Biology site that has helpful material. Check out Chemistry of Life and Proteins and Nucleic Acids.
Advanced Chemistry by Clugston and Flemming, OUP, Chapter 30 Biochemistry
Chemistry for the IB Diploma Study Guide by Geoff Neuss, 2001, Oxford University Press, pages 93-104
Chemistry by John Green and Sandru Damji, IBID Press, 2nd Edition, pages 459-508
IB Chemistry data booklet contains the structures of important molecules
Advanced Biology, by Michael Kent, OUP
Chemistry, Zumdhal, 5th edition, Chapter 23
IB Diploma Chemistry Course Companion by Geoff Neuss, OUP
International Baccalaureate Organization Chemistry Syllabus, February 2001
International Baccalaureate IB Chemistry Data Booklet, March 2003